Artist's Statement:

I began painting thanks to spectacularly poor skills in golf.  I had been scouting for an avocation, hence golf, but after the second concussion, I decided to try something softer, like brushes.  From the outset, I realized that the simulation of reality was a useless pursuit.  For one thing, there is the camera, which does a pretty good job already, for another, it’s really hard to do, and life is short.  Therefore, my style tends towards what is academically known as “broad-brush”.  Specifically, I have dedicated a significant amount of study to a European sub-discipline of the “broad-brush” school, known as “häppèn-staänz”, which emphasizes color over form, informality over convention, and fun over function.  It is the art world’s version of drinking wine from a sponge.  No glass?  No problem.  


Inspiration and support for continuing along this behavioral line includes my two young sons who have already mastered “broad-brush” to a degree I can only dream of, and Paul Cezanne, if not for his painting then for his ability to freeload off his father.  Dad?  You listening?  Also, my mother, who can draw a little (stick figures, that sort of thing), and my wife who more or less patiently puts up with the gradual bespeckling of our formerly white carpets.

Administrative Stuff:

Okay, fine. Here's the thing. I basically gave up trying to keep this website current, and now have taken to posting my paintings on Facebook, their dubious copyright tendencies notwithstanding. Still, their format isn't the absolute worst in the world, and if you're interested, I encourage you to visit my Facebook site by clicking this link: (or copy it and paste it into your browser).

Thank you.


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